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This month the Eldar return to claim their place amongst the stars. With them they bring the huge new Wraithknight, the Crimson Hunter, all-new plastic Wraithguard and much more, all of which get a thorough exploration in the June issue of White Dwarf. Inside its stuffed 160 pages you'll also find:

  • Nick Bayon's gorgeous Orcs and Goblins in Army of the Month
  • Glenn More's Ulthwe strike force goes up against Jes Bickham's Necrons in the Battle Report
  • Dan Harden explains why he loves gaming with his Tau army in Armchair General
  • Adam Troke infiltrates the Craftworlds in an eight page feature on the culture of the Eldar
  • New feature War Diary tracks the progress of seven hobbyists entering this year's Armies on Parade
  • Some glorious Warhammer regiments march into Parade Ground
  • Warhammer 40,000 tanks get the Kit Bash treatment
  • Paint Splatter is full of helpful painting tips and guides on the new Eldar and more
  • This Month In goes behind the scenes with the White Dwarf team, the Design Studio, Forge World and Black Library

And much, much more besides! All in the June issue of White Dwarf, on sale 25 May.