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"Go beyond the outer rim"
There are places in the galaxy fyull of danger and mystery, places where the light from the Core Worlds simply does not shine. These are the planets of the Unknown Regions, a sector of unexplored space far beyond the Outer Rim. In this vast expanse, rich worlds wait to be discovered and alien landscapes wait to be explored. However, the Unknown Regions are far from uninhabited. Many frightening creatures prowl the expanse, and alien species bent on conquest and plunder lurk at the fringes of known space. The galaxy needs heroes who will rist everything to explore these worlds and stop these threats from advancing.
The Unknown Regions presents various options for players and gamemasters, including:

  • new talents, feats, weapons, and equipment for scouts and explorers.
  • new and expanded rules for hazards
  • advice and guidelines for running exploration-heavy campaigns
  • information on eight never-before-seen planets in the Unknown Regions
  • details on the threats lurking in the Unknown Regions

Σελίδες: 224
Format: Hardcover