The Church of the Damned

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Armed with knowledge of a foul betrayal, the Acolytes must delve into the heart of the Calixian Ecclesiarchy. Can you find the proof the Inquisition needs to stop the Apostasy Gambit in time, or will the Calixis Sector burn?

This book is the second chapter of an epic trilogy of Dark Heresy adventures.

The Acolytes must secretly investigate one of the most powerful men in the Calixis Sector in hopes of unearthing damning evidence against him. This adventure takes the Acolytes from the Cathedral of Illumination to the depths of Gunmetal City in a dangerous shadow war against cunning foes.

Can the Acolytes save uncountable souls from certain doom?

Designed for all levels of play, beginners and veterans alike can explore many different paths to success. Suitable for characters of all ranks.

A copy of the Dark Heresy Core Rulebook is needed to use this adventure supplement.

Σελίδες: 74

Format: Hardcover