Salt & Sea Dogs: The Pirates of Tellene

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Haunted by ghost ships, fraught with dangerous storms, and beset upon by pirates and monsters alike, the high seas promise debonair adventure and bloodthirsty terror to those bold enough to set sail upon them. Whether you become a suave buccaneer, cruel pirate or brash navy officer struggling to end the pirate threat, you now have the skills, the knowledge and the equipment to begin your journey!

Salt and Sea Dogs is loaded with Dungeons & Dragons material, including:

  • All new prestige classes
    Complete ship building system
    New equipment and magic items
    New ships and ship templates
    Deatailed spell chapter
    Easy-to-use naval combat and extensive weather hazard sections
    The seafarers of Tellene
    Backwards compatible
  • Adventure hooks, campaign ideas and much more

Σειρά: Kingdoms of Kalamar

Σελίδες: 144

Format: Paperback