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This Kingdoms of Kalamar world supplement is for DMs and players alike. It includes expanded information on the nation of Pekal. From the powerful College of MAgic to the war with the Kingdom of Tokis, Pekal is in the middle of it all. Explore the Principality of Pekal and keep your wits about you as you become involved in the long-running intrigues of the various secular, political, subversive, magic and religious organizations of the realm. As this book includes character creation guidelines for the Living Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign, it is ideal for learning about RPGA member driven organized play or for independent home use. The Pekal Gazetteer also includes two new Kingdoms of Kalamar adventures for low level characters to use in any campaign!

Σειρά: Living Kingdoms of Kalamar
Σελίδες: 64
Format: Paperback