Friend & Foe: The Elves and Bugbears of Tellene

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For millennia, the elves stood as stalwart bastions against the destruction wrought to the forests of Tellene. Eventually divided by their views on magic, the once united eleven nation became four separate races - the haughty gray elves, savage wild elves, militant wood elves and refined high elves. In stark contrast, Bugbears are one of the most destructive races in Tellene, and at last you can revel in the culture of these barbaric brutes.

Friend & Foe is loaded with Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 Edition) material, including:

Four Elven Subraces, Three Bugbear Subraces, All New Prestige Classes, Easy-To-Use Quick Reference Sections, Culture and Society, Adventure Hooks, Campaign Ideas, Bestiary and Much More!

Σελίδες: 224

Format: Hardcover