Blood and Shadows: Dark Elves of Tellene

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Millennia ago, the elves of the Elenon Mountains were the envy of all ­ beautiful, strong and wise. Yet, pride goeth before a fall, and even the greatest are no exception. Now the dark elves live in exile, the hated rivals of the elves of the light - including the battered remnants of their mysterious twilight elf kin. Whether you become a bloodthirsty dark elf cleric, a dark elf fighter exiled for her purity and goodness, or even an honorable twilight elf soldier, this book gives you the knowledge, the skills and the equipment to begin your adventure! Rumor and legend made the drow infamous - now learn the truth. This book contains detailed information on the dark elves of Tellene, including history, culture, religion, social structure, subraces, and more!

Σειρά: Kingdoms of Kalamar

Σελίδες: 114

Format: Paperback