Age of Sigmar: Heart of Winter

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Fleetmaster Arika Zenthe travels to the icy frontier of the Realm of Beasts to find and kill her father, the legendary Zarkand Zenthe, only to find herself caught up in the cruel aelf’s plans for conquest. Captured and poisoned by the very man she sought to slay, Arika faces a desperate race against time to retrieve an ancient artefact known as the Heart of Winter, which possesses the power to quench the magical fires safeguarding the free city of Izalend – Zarkand Zenthe’s intended target. Arika Zenthe will have to employ every ounce of her ruthlessness and cunning to retrieve the Heart from the depths of the haunted Druichan forest, turn the tables on her father and prevent his empire-building schemes.

Συγγραφέας: Nick Horth